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Why do some traders make money so easily and painlessly --- while you try everything possible and can't barely break even? What if there is a way to reduce your losses and increase your profits by 20%, 40% -- even 100%? And the best part is, you do it effortlessly and mechanically.... following simply rules ripping money off Wall Street, everytime.

If you could read just one article about how to day trade the Emini Futures ( Nasdaq 100, S&P 500), this is it. I dare you to read this entire article and not change the way you trade.

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I ended my third month with a huge pay check of $8245
"Fantastic, absolutely amazing! I have no prior experience in trading. But after following your step-by-step manual and setting up the virtual trading system, I ended my third month with a huge pay check of $8245. The results speak for themselves... my trading improved 200-300% with your techniques. Oh, and by the way, I just made $1321 today."
K. Fritts, Houston,TX

Do you want to be free? Yes, free! Working when you feel like it and from anywhere in the world. No boss… no office routines…. no rush-hour commuting….no irritating colleagues…. With day trading, you can call the shots!

Two years ago, I day traded my way to financial freedom. I'm not smarter than you, and I wasn't all that dedicated. And I won't call it luck. I made my mistakes and paid heftily for my lessons to the market. But I made a comeback, I made more money than I ever would if I stayed in my job. And I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to make big bucks day trading the EMINI.

Dear Trading Friend,

  • Do you want to learn the fundamental skills and techniques for day trading the EMINI profitably?
  • Do you want to learn how to spot high probability trading setups?
  • Do you want to learn how to capitalize on short term market imbalances for a neat profit?
  • Do you want to learn how to set up a virtual trading system to trade the EMINI real time without risking a single cent?

If yes, read on…

Nobody is born a trader. Trading has to be learnt and it can be learnt and I'm going to show you EXACTLY how, step by step, to be a successful day trader.

Your Techniques Really Worked!
"I spent almost $5000 on courses and books but none of them taught me the techniques you use in your book. Your techniques really work! I should have read this book earlier!"
Bob Giles, Canada


Here's what you will learn in this article:

Don't Trade Emini S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100 without Training!

Hi, my name is Michael Taylor and I've been trading the Emini for more than 5 years now. I'm profitable for the past 4 years with consistent profits at the end of each month. I only trade the EMINI and so far it has been a very lucrative business.

In 2000, with just an interest in day trading, I plunged right into Emini
and lost $ 21,325 in my first year of trading. I was a victim to the hype and hooha about how day trading can make you rich fast. I immediately realized that it is also a very fast way to lose all your savings. Nobody taught me what I needed to know about the cut throat nature of day trading and I was trading purely on gut feelings. 2001 was one of the lowest point of my life. I have depleted all my savings and my wife was about to leave me if I continued losing money that way....

Stay Out of the Market!

What they don't teach you about the truth of trading is: If you can't make money, stay out of the market. you'll be just filling your broker's pockets with commissions. Broke and desperate, I stopped trading for 3 months, I analyzed my all the trades I made and discovered that they all had something in common. If only I eliminate those mistakes, I could have easily turned my losses into profits. I started paper trading again to regain confidence.... It was painful but necessary. I also started to keep a detailed journal of my trades, why I entered the trade, where I put my stop loss, where I exited, etc.... I was able to judge my trading more objectively and by the next month, my trading was showing promise and I started trading with real money again.

By the end of 2001, I was making an average of $200 per day. This is excellent results considering that I was losing an average of $100 per day just one year ago. The power of day trading is that once you get it right, you can easily increase your profits by buying more lots. I started increasing the number of lots per trade and by end of 2002, I made $238,223...... more than 10 TIMES of what I lost!!

Day Trading is NOT Rocket Science!

You might think that I worked very hard to get there. Yes, I did, and the fact is, it would've been less painful and easier if somebody had pointed me in the right direction from the start. Like I've said before, once you get it right, day trading is simply following certain rules and clicking the right button at the right time. To let you have a feel of how easy it is, here's the details of how I spend a typical trading day:

Emini trading class -- picture

Sounds pretty slack? Yes, it is! But you'll hate me even more when I tell you I've made an average of half a million every year, just by doing this. I'm not telling you this to brag, but to point out the fact that day trading the Emini is a lucrative business and it's not rocket science. As you read on, you'll begin to understand why there's really no mystery to making money by day trading.

It's Not Just The Money! For Once, I feel in Total control of my Life
"I have always dreamt of being able to do what I want, when I want. I am making more than I could ever possibly imagined. But it's not just the money, I feel empowered and in control of my own life. I spend more time with my family and friends.It's about the freedom to do what you want. I have always wanted to learn paino as a kid, now I am taking lessons twice a week. Thank you for your amazing book. Keep up the good work Mike. I couldn't have done it without you. "
Paul Vesser, Kansas City, MO

You can say I wrote this book to help traders who are struggling to make ends meet. Traders who are losing big time and have no clue about what went wrong. I was in your shoes. I know how that feeling of lost and despair can be devastating.

I condensed all the the techniques and experience that took me over 5 years and cost me more than $20,000 to acquire into...

.. the "Day Trade Emini for Regular Profits" -- a one-of-a-kind program which teaches you from zero knowledge to making profitable trades. The "Day Trade EMINI for Regular Profits" consists of a huge bank vault of secret techniques-- most of which no other trader in existence knows, and most of which you won't find in any book or course that's presently being taught. I've held these trading techniques so close to the chest that I've almost forgotten their immense value.

Education is the best investment you can make for your trading career. Never, Ever, skip this step!

Here are just a few of the juiciest secrets I revealed in "Day Trade Emini for Regular Profits":

Emini Ebook S&P 500 Nasdaq 100 --picture

This book is the result of my cumulative trading experience. I know novice traders can face a tremendous learning curve. I'll show you how to avoid all those costly mistakes. And better still.... how not risk a single cent of your hard earned money by setting up a virtual trading system. It took a year for me to become profitable and that process was unnecessarily long and painful. Save yourself time from trying to figure out how the EMINI market works. Save money from the unnecessary mistakes. Discover how to maximize your gains, minimize your losing trades and anticipate key turning points.

Amazing! I am able to achieve a Success Rate of 89%
"Your chapter on capturing trends in different time frames using multiple MACD is particularly useful. Now, I am never caught off guard by what seems to be an uptrend in the short term but turns out to be a downtrend when viewed in the long term. I have increased my success rate to 89%! "
Paul Vesser, Kansas City, MO

What you'll learn:

Day Trade EMINI for Regular Profits:

Emini Fundamentals

    What day trading is and what it can do for you. Introduction to the world of day trading. Learn how day traders trade for a living.

   Why Emini is the ideal day trading instrument for beginners and pros alike. Scale up the lots you trade for higher leverage.

    Fundamental analysis crash course for trading the Emini. Learn how to evaluate important market information within minutes.


Set up Your System

    How to set up your brokerage account. A step-by-step guide to signing up with your broker. Learn how to select the correct package and commission structure.

   How to place an order effectively. Market orders, limit orders, stop orders, stop limit orders. When to use what effectively.

   How to set up your charting software for real time quotes. Real time charting software is essential for day trading, you will learn important tricks that will save you time and improve the accuracy of your trades.

   How not to risk a single cent by setting up a real time emini simulated trading system. No matter how confident you are of your system, you should always test out your ideas with a riskless virtual trading system. This is especially true for novice traders. Learn how to set up a virtual trading system using free software.


Technical Analysis

   Fundamentals of technical analysis. Technical analysis is more than just charts and patterns. It is a visual representation of market psychology. Master technical analsysis for unfair advantage over the masses!

   How to read candlesticks effectively and identify turning points. Candlestick is one of the most powerful and compact visual representation of high, low, open and close prices. Learn how to spot profitable candlestick patterns and anticipate key turning points.

   Support, resistance and trend lines are part and parcel of every trader's arsenal. Learn to draw effective support and resistance lines to guide your entries and exits. Discover secret price levels by drawing trend lines.

   How to use Fibonacci retracement levels to increase the accuracy of your trades. It is amazing how the Emini pullbacks and rallies according to the Fibonacci levels. No scientific explanation, but who cares? Use this info to start making money!

   How to customize the Bollinger Bands and how to interpret them for successful trading. Day traders capitalize on market volatility to make money and Bollinger Bands will show you the level and direction of volatility.

   Stochastic is a powerful technical indicator that indicates market overbought and oversold conditions. But, like all indicators, they are effective only in certain market conditions. Learn how to optimize your stochastic parameters and use them in the right market conditions for maximum profit.

   The Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD) is a powerful oscillator that uses the difference between 2 moving averages. MACD can provide accurate buy and sell signals but only when you configure your parameters correctly. Discover the optimized parameters for day trading the Emini which I have developed after years of trial and error.

   How multiple MACDs allow you to capture trends in different time frames. This proprietary method, which I invented, has improved my trading accuracy, increased my profits and reduced my losses! You will never find yourself trading only to a single micro trend again. Put your trading in a micro and MACRO perspective!

   How multiple MACDs allow you to capture trends in different time frames. This proprietary method, which I invented, has improved my trading accuracy, increased my profits and reduced my losses! You will never find yourself trading only to a single micro trend again. Put your trading in a micro and MACRO perspective!

    Patterns which appear in a day chart might not be applicable to day trading. That's because they are considered long-term when we speak of day trading. Learn highly profitable chart patterns which appears frequently in the Emini futures market.

   Gaps are highly profitable patterns that form when today's opening price doesn't match yesterday's closing price. But, BEWARE! Not all gaps closes, learn when to trade gaps and when not to trade gaps.


Secret Techniques for Trading Emini

   How to use a triple screen set up for more accurate entries and exits. Learn to layout your charts for optimal performance.  Emini trading school --picture

   Never, ever, trade the Emini in isolation, movement from major indices can affect the whole market which affects how you trade the Emini. Learn how to read signals from the major indices to improve your trading accuracy.

   The Emini moves in certain predictable time cycles throughout the day. Trading at certain times of the day is simply not profitable and high risk. Avoid these mistakes and cut down your losses.

   Prices seldom move in a straight line, there are pull backs before a rally. Learn to identify how much heat you can take and how much heat is appropriate for trading the Emini. This will enable you to set more accurate stop loss positions so that you don't get whipsawed out of your position so easily.

   Novice traders always try to pick peaks and troughs and end up being burnt even more. Learn why picking peaks and troughs is a futile and time wasting exercise. Avoid this costly mistake!

   Discover how to use the 15 min rule in day trading the Emini. This powerful technique can improve your trading accuracy substantially!


Trading Journal and Psychology

    The electronic trading journal is a system for keeping trade records. I have developed this system so that you can keep your trade records in a centralized and efficient manner. Keeping an accurate trading journal can be your most effective teacher.

   After mastering the basics and technical know-how's of day trading, bring your trading to the next level by learning how to be conscious of psychological factors such as fear and greed which can affect your profitability hugely.

   Discover common trading pitfalls of the novice trader and avoid costly mistakes. This alone can mean life and death for the struggling trader.

   Day trading is a highly intense mental activity. Learn why discipline and concentration is essential to your trading success.

   Opportunity abounds in the market, but this doesn't mean that you must trade every opportunity. Learning when NOT to trade is just as important as learning when to trade.


Emini Ebook Order -- picture


Wait! There's more....

"Just to be DOUBLY SURE that you make HUGE PROFITS!"

Day Trade EMINI Workbook:


Emini Ebook S&P 500 Nasdaq 100 --picture

I have finally set myself to the task of compiling a tutorial workbook with detailed trade analysis after numerous requests from my readers. Here is it, this workbok gives you step-by-step instruction on how I view different market scenarios, where to enter, where to exit, where to put the stop loss, profit target, etc..... You will be trained to think in a discplined manner if you follow through all the exercises in the book. With 24 Case Studies and 6 tutorial style detailed examples, you will be thoroughly drilled until trading becomes second-nature. This workbook builds on the knowledge you have learnt from the previous book, elavating your trading to the next level.

I sharpened my trading and increased my profits by at least 60%
"Congrats! Mike, for doing it again! I was already trading profitably after reading your first book . And, I've to tell you, that every single cent was well spent. I understood in more detail and have a deeper grasp of what you were explaining in the first book. I was constantly cross-referencing both of the books while reading through the workbook. By going through the tutorials, I was able to sharpen my thinking and decision making process. I no longer hesistate about a trade like I used to. It's like trading with a new pair of eyes. Thanks again for increasing my profits! "
C. S., Gilroy, CA

Turbo-Charge Your Trading With :

Trade Case Studies

    From 24 case studies, learn how to time the first entry, second entry, where to place the stop loss and where to exit the position. Study these case studies in detail to make trading second-nature to you.

  Train yourself to think and act like a professional trader from the fully colored and detailedly illustrated case studies with all the entries, exits, resistance, support lines, indicator singals clearly pin-pointed.

   How to integrate the use of daily charts into your trading plan. Learn how a long-term view can be useful in helping to identify potential trouble regions such as support and resistance lines.

   How to clearly identify entry and exit signals from the various indicators. Knowing when to get out is just as important as knowing when to get in. Learn how to combine the various signals together that gives a more powerful and accurate signal.

   How to avoid potentially lethal markets that can cause you to lose alot of money. Trading has nothing to do with being brave, learn how to logically dissect market conditions and make a conscious decision not to trade.

   How to expect what the trade scenario will be like tomorrow. Give yourself an edge over other traders who usually skip this part of the trade preparation. A mentally prepared trader has a higher chance of being a profitable trader.


Tutorial Workbook

   6 real-life scenarios presented in tutorial format to make you think and practice all that you have learnt. Hone your skills and sharpen your execution.

   Designed to drill you on real-life trading scenarios. Some scenarios are meant to be tricky, but these are all taken from real-life scenarios. Market's not going to be easy on you if you can't identify tricky scenarios.

   Sample trade execution with detailed trade analysis to help you understand why the trade is made in that particular manner. Learn to work out mentally why each trade worked so that you can repeat your success.

  Learn to analyze the probabilty of the trade, assessing the risk/reward. Plunging into a trade without a sense of risk/reward is a formula for disaster for most novice traders. Treat trading like a business.

  Identify the signals that confirm your trading decision is correct. Increase your confidence when trading and avoid exiting your positions prematurely.

Emini trading school --picture


Well done Mike! I Increased my Trading Accuracy by at least 97%
"I especially like the workbook part of your ebook, just what I've been waiting for. The case studies are invaluable and really drilled me hard on the entry and exits signals. I was reading the indicators in insolation, your case studies illustrated exactly how you combine them together to give a more reliable signal. I especially like that part about how you go through mentally how the trading scenarios will be like the next day. If I had learnt this earlier, I would've been 2 times more profitable! "
Kenneth Lee, UK

How Much is all this worth to you?

So you see, I've condensed everything I've learned about day trading the Emini over the last 7 years into 242 pages of pure, unadulterated substance. Quite frankly, there isn't a course out there that's as comprehensive as this -- at any price -- that can jump start you into profitability.

Back in 2000, when someone was willing to offer this course to me, I would have been willing to pay $5000, $7000 -- even $10,000 to learn the techniques that would make me a millionaire today. I could have saved myself time, effort and money if I had the right guidance.

How about you? How much is all this worth to you? What is the value of learning secret trading techniques that can earn you $200, $500 or even $1000 everyday? What is it worth to learn tried and proven techniques from a professional day trader who knows what works and doesn't work in day trading?

With the newly added workbook, this Emini course is power packed to jump start you to profitability.Now you can gain from my costly mistakes. Avoid common pitfalls made by novice traders and discover secret techniques for day trading the Emini S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 at the low price of $397. Is this too a high price to pay? Frankly speaking, several traders have made offers to pay more than $500 for just the workbook part of the course.

All 242 pages of true trading experience. A small price to pay for your education. Get ahead of the curve and let me pave for you the road to profitability. And I stand by my system and that's why I offer a:

Day Trade to Financial Freedom!

Normally $197.00
Get the "Day Trade Emini for Regular Profits " at
Today's Special Price ONLY $97.00
This low price will be ending soon, So hurry and take
advantage of this special offer. Download
our secure sever now.

Emini Ebook Order -- picture

Access your package at anytime, day or night, and get started making money immediately. The product will be delivered to you in PDF format, If you do not have the PDF viewer you can download this free viewer here

Remember, This offer is valid for a limited time ONLY! I'm limiting my ebook to 100 copies to ensure the effectiveness of the techniques. Any secret will cease to remain as a secret if the whole market knows about it. If you come back tomorrow, we may be full. Don't take the risk, Order NOW! After placing your order you will be forwarded to our product page where you will have instant access to our system and bonus programs.

Thanks! I just saved myself a few Thousand Dollars
"You are really a savior. I was trading the Eminis by trial and error until I read your book. Just by avoiding the pitfalls you mentioned in your book, I saved myself a few thousand dollars. You book is the most comprehensive trading manual I have ever read. Thank you for the good job!"
Clayton Allison, TX

But wait! There's more...

Order now and get the following absolutely free...

"Over $250 in Exclusive Bonuses! Yours Absolutely FREE!"

    Increase Your Profit Potential!

6 Big Trading Rules

Emini Trading rules Nasdaq 100 S&P 500 -- picture
These are rules that I developed after years of experience, valued at $50, is yours free...., to the novice trader the 6 Big rules can really mean life and death. Discover 6 Big rules to save you from the sharks and start making money!

Highly Probable & Profitable Trades

Emini Nasdaq 100 S&P 500 Profitable trades  --picture
The bonus chapter on Highly Probable & Profitable Trades is worth more than $200. The Emini markets react to certain news in a large and predictable way. I'll show you how to profit from such mass reaction by the market.I've NEVER experienced a loss with this technique. NEVER!

Caution: But you better hurry, because at the rate my ebook is selling right now, I can't allow too many people to get these free bonuses for long. In fact, I'm going to revise this in the next 4 days. If you don't get your copy today, you might lose out.


What can I say? I set up my system in 2 days. Thanks!
"Your book really rocks! One week ago, I know nuts about day trading. Now, my system is all set up, ready to pull the trigger. Although I am very excited about making my first trade, I will follow your advice to paper trade first. By the way, the virtual trading system is really cool, I am going to test out all your techniques before I even risk any money. "
Arnold Avillanoza, San Diego, CA


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